Saturday, September 13, 2008

Touchdown on the runway

The dust is still settling here in our new place in Eugene, but after passing the one-week mark in the same bed we are soaking in a bit more stability. I haven't hung the clock or made my cookies yet (see below), but we are getting there. We are stocked and almost ready for school to begin Monday (the kids learned to sharpen pencils on their own today, and Joel's is already half gone! =)), and the closets are only 4 boxes away from unpacked. The kids have a backyard with sandbox that they really love too!

I have a moving tradition: chocolate chip cookies. Have you ever noticed that missionaries rarely if ever have an 'open house' for moving to a new place? What would you give them anyway? It would have to fit in a suitcase, right? So every time I move I have a little 'open house' party for myself! =) This declares (at least internally) that I am settled and 'home' for that season anyway. I figure that a kitchen stocked with all the necessary ingredients for making cookies is deemed FUNCTIONAL (enough for me). And a yummy smell to warm the house and caffeine in chocolate are just side benefits. James is pretty excited about this tradition.

I finally found the camera cord and took some pictures, but you will still have to wait for more pictures. To sum it up, yes, we are feeling more settled in, but not quite unpacked yet which is why I'm calling this 'touchdown on the runway' like the arrival of an airplane flight, we have landed, but not arrived at the gate.

I've decided I want to try what Jessica has done and post some funny kid quotes, so enjoy!


Janine the Bean said...

Glad to hear you found a place. Sounds like a great tradition.



Coffeegirl said...

I have really enjoyed perusing your blog - thanks for sharing it. I think there are a lot of great reflections going on in the mix of everything you're going through. Love the chocolate chip tradition and would agree on your definition of a functional kitchen! Even as an adult I can totally identify with your son Joel's question about "home". It's a tough question even for us grown ups to deal with sometimes! Thanks again for sharing your blog - glad to know you're out here.