Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 8 Critters: Okay, not really

After so many days of the creepy crawlies, I have noticed a marked decline in comments posted here. This must mean that you are now:
A) determined to check back after the bugs are all gone,
B) scared speechless,
C) waiting with bated breath for a few more buglies or
D) really busy with real life.

Whichever category you fall into, I should warn you that I still have 4-5 pictures of critters to share, but I can take it if you are really done and would rather see Anna pictures. Really. I can. So please take a second to vote: YAY for more critters or NAY for bugs and back to normal life!

These aren't critters, but they did block our road not too far from here. If I had to carry around such huge horns I might choose the middle of the highway too... These are the breed that many herdsman keep around here and over in Uganda. Very distinctive... And very in our way!


Job 77 said...

I say yes! More critters!

A question about the cattle: Are they the same species as European or North American cattle, and just a different breed? Or an entirely different species?

Sarah said...

I'm loving the critters! (I even shared the pile o' termites pictures with some friends!)

Ned said...

Keep the Kritters Coming. Ned former MK and member at FPC Tacoma

Mrs. bradley said...
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Mrs. bradley said...

we're bug lovers here at the Bradley house!!

kimom said...

Okay, Jess, I finally got the cattle nailed down. They are anciently related to a breed 'Zebu' out of India:

Hope that helps!
Bring on the bugs!