Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Paperclip in Time

When something ends and another thing starts it always feels to me like a paperclip in time. You can feel it coming, often uncomfortable as things are changing, then the big week (or day, or hour) arrives, and something else begins with the paperclip slowly fading in the rearview mirror. I guess the technical name is milestone and I might have had one too many temp jobs as the office copy girl in college, but I still like paperclip.

Well, we had our paperclip in time in June as we celebrated James finishing First Grade and Joel finishing Kindergarten. That week both of James' front teeth fell out. (Finally! I've been waiting for that gray tooth to be gone for 3 years! No offense Kaitlyn... we love you. =))

Back to the days of toofless grins! =)

Our school mascot is Hoppy the Frog.
So we all wore green as our 'school color' and had a green party with Hoppy's favorite cupcakes!

(note the locally purchased cute china! with God all things are possible!)

Then the kids got little certificates and baby froggies. Kent, I mean The Principal, picked some quick flowers in the garden for the Teacher and her lovely Assistant. =)
Pink cosmos from our yard...

It wasn't your 'typical' cap n gown graduation, but we had fun.

My primary goal for this summer was to completely finish our living/dining room. Our experience so far with local artisans has been less than splendid, and I'm probably being picky, but it's just better for me to do it myself. So in the above picture you can see the wall I just painted. Not teaching left me so much free time! I also chopped Anna's hair:

My lovely assistant painter:

Think she has drama in her future?

The paint brushes before and after:

The rough cement walls sort of rub them down to a nub.
They cost $1 and you get what you pay for.

Anyway, I have 1 more cushion to make, 1 more to sew a slipcover for, and 3 zippered pillowcases and a whole lot of buttonholes before our couches are officially finished. I already bought all the fabric, cording, zippers, etc. and have a lovely Janome sewing machine.
I really have no good excuses.

Given that I only have 5 weeks left of summer (ack!) I have made myself a little deal to inspire and motivate. I will not blog another word until I get them done! I'm hoping that will only mean 1-2 weeks away from the blog. You are probably all off on fabulous vacations anyway! I may post a picture or two and I let Kent know he could take over if he wanted...

I will still get your comments if you want to cheer me on.

See you soon! I'm off to build my house! (proverbs 14:1)


Mrs. bradley said...

Sew quickly Kim! I do enjoy the tid bits of life you always share!

Dinah Claire said...

Rah Rah Shish Boom Bah! You can do it! I currently have 5 chair projects I'm working on (that's all but our office chairs), the painting of a mirror frame (and the scraping off the paint from the mirror), and am recovering an ottoman/poof/tuffet for Laney. It's gonna take me more than 1-2 weeks, but I'm all for your deadline! Kim! Kim! She's our gal!

Gerrie said...

Hi Kim
Can you hear me cheering? Give me a 'K', give me an 'I', give me an 'M'.....=)The couch will be such a happy sight when you walk in the room-maybe it will help to spur you on to see the finished project in your mind. =)

You are doing such a great job as a wife, mom and teacher. May the summer days multiply as your reward!
Thanks for keeping us so informed about your lives there - it makes it so fun to pray. =)
Love you! Gerrie