Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 7 Critters: Spiders

Surely after reading about 6 different kind of African creepy-crawlies, you can handle ONE teensy weensy spider! =) Or a colony of them... For the record, in our home we have only killed three, count them: three, spiders this whole year! (and only one was big =))

Deep in the earth's second-largest rainforest we met our first colony of spiders:

...this shows about 1/4 of the tree they engulfed. I know next to nothing about how they form a community like that. I mean how do they share the food? I suppose in this location there is enough to go around - there are SO many different bugs in the rainforest. Wikipedia didn't have too much info. on these neighborly arachnids either, but apparently you can find a web like this that's 200 yards wide in Texas.
Guess they do everything big...
Never was a huge fan of Texas...

Anyway, enough spider nonsense.
How many spider colony residents can you find??

(I found 5, but I'm sure there are more...)

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Job 77 said...

Looks like Shelob's lair to me.