Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 9 Critters: Rhinoceros Beetle

Thanks for the feedback! Critters are back unanimously!

This lovely little lady was found on our front porch.

She looks harmless enough until you realize she is 3-4 inches long!

(Yes, those are small ants around her on the ground. Look here for a cool rhino larvae pic...)

The females don't have the big rhino horn, but definitely take a second to check out what her hubby looks like!

She seemed to only walk along baseboards, so I'm curious where she ended up.
A few weeks later we found her again (or her twin sister) just inside the dining room.
I gently 'showed her the door', and 5 minutes later she came walking back in!
She had skirted the front porch and returned.
Must have been a bad day...


Mrs. bradley said...

I think her hubby would have made me shudder a bit.. she looks much less intimidating.

Linda said...

I love your critter stories and pictures! Keep 'em coming!

Job 77 said...

We read a book about beetles yesterday at the library, and saw a picture of the male version. I wondered where they lived (the book didn't say), and now I know!