Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Finale of Critters: Misc.

I love the word 'Misc.'
Junk drawer.
Conglomerate. It's fun to say.
I used to have a folder of documents labeled 'Misc'.
Drove Kent crazy.
Still have 'Misc shortcuts' on my desktop.
Love 'Misc.'
Something that doesn't fit in a category? Just throw it in Misc.
Well, here is my Critters: Misc. =)

We have ants of every shape and size, but I bet you do too.

So big you think they're roaches in the kitchen.

So small you can't feel them walking up your arm.


Geckos too.

We have dark brown field crickets who, for some bizarre reason, get into our shower drain pipe and occasionally come for a visit. I still have NO idea how they can fit through the small drain holes... Not my fave.

And possibly the most random thing in this 'Misc.' folder:

Can you guess?

It's not technically a 'critter'.

We came upon it in a national park in the rainforest.

Small elephant skull.
The boys don't look too impressed.
There was great debate about whether it was a young elephant skull or an adult pygmy elephant, but his teeth weren't all in.
It's all in the dental records.
The rangers have a 'no shoot' policy until a wild animal puts a human life in danger. Apparently a few weeks earlier this little one had charged people several times, so they finally had to do it.
It's a huge skull!

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