Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 10 Critters: Mukobe


This flamboyant gecko on steroids is technically an agama lizard who apparently comes in several colors that get brighter for mating purposes. This guy is hanging out on the average tree trunk in the rainforest (that doesn't even fit in the picture), but more often we see them scampering up the cement walls that surround our compound to bask in the sun.

The word here for them is 'mukobe' (MOO-CO-BAY). We see mukobe everyday. Brightest of blues, basking in the sun. I'm almost used to 12-15 inch lizards hanging around... as long as they recognize who's boss.


Mrs. bradley said...

yeah my little guy would think he's pretty close to heaven with lizzards like that!

Linda said...

My grandsons would LOVE to hang out with your kids!!!

That guy looks like a kind we saw a lot of in Chad.... Do mukobes look like they're doing push-ups all the time?

Love your posts!

kimom said...

Yes, Linda! They always look like they are doing pushups! I was told it is to trap air under their bellies.

Just started your book! Fun stuff!!