Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Note on Stress

Just a quick note to let you know we are here. We are well.

The longer note would go into how 2007 taught us our own limitations, and how to better manage our personal levels of stress. So thankful for those lessons! We use them everyday here.

I don't exercise because I want to be stronger or fit into a certain pair of jeans. The African lifestyle slims me down just fine. I exercise because it keeps my mind sane. Doesn't really make sense to me, but I know that my person needs it to handle stress.

Bible Study:
We started up a little community of English-speaking Moms here that doubles as accountability for keeping my nose where it should be and fellowship with people who get my life.

Okay, this wasn't really in the textbooks on managing stress, but it DOES help! =)

I'm sure you've been in a season of life that was busy and stressful. Suddenly one day you look back and realize that you haven't finished that book you started 6 months ago. The cross-stitch that never happened. The quilt blocks collecting dust in a stack. The art papers you never unwrapped. (A dusty TV doesn't count unless it's in the garage.) We need hobbies, especially when we're stressed. Some small way to be creative and productive without lots of effort and energy. Those are mine (reading, sewing, cross-stitching) - what are yours?

As much as I love our little mostly-furnished fixer-upper, and our school routines and such, we have had a hard time finding ways to take breaks here. This homeschooling Mama must get out a bit more. And yet... There are no hotels. There are no guesthouses. No bed-and-breakfasts. There are no grandparents' house a few hours away. It's either thousands of dollars at a schmancy 5-star safari resort or camping. We have yet to discover somewhere we can go without A) spending over $800, B) traveling more than 5 hours each way or C) feeling we return more stressed out than when we started.

Another possibility has arisen for this weekend, and I have faith that it will not run into A, B or C! Some blessed people in a quiet town nearby have invited us over. So, after figuring out that I need a break, seeing only closed doors, a window opens.

See you on the other side of the window (i.e. next week!)

Off to pack up some hobbies to take along! Have a great Labor Day weekend!


insanewith4 said...

Thanks for the note on stress! I hope you guys have a blessed time!!!!

Krista said...

getaways are so important for sanity. I can only imagine the added complications of finding ways to get away in your situation.

you have reminded me of hobbies. I used to have slew of crafts going at any given time, but they are all put away these days.

I am not sure whether to count writing as a hobby or profession, but it certainly fills all the time that isn't consumed with tending house and 3 kids. now that 2 of my kids are off to school during the day, I'm looking forward to exercising some of my favorite fall hobbies such as gardening and baking.

other than all the avocados a family of 5 can eat, what other aspects of the African lifestyle "slim you down"? is it the food, the amount of food, an increased need to do things yourself instead of using a machine or appliance to do it for you?

I love fresh food. I love the idea of being closer to the essential elements of life. I'd love to hear any insights you share on what your life in a simpler place is like.

Mrs. bradley said...

Hey Kim,
Glad you get to get away this weekend!! I'm hoping for a mini get away in my folks hot tub, for a few minutes this weekend! Today it's just hit me that I'm in a bussier then normal season for me! & still planning to take more on. Oh I will be missing my hobbies for a bit as I am enjoying this full plate the Lord has put before me!