Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Quote Book

Some of you know that I have always loved keeping a 'Quote Book' of various foibles and hilarious things said by yours truly and those nearby. I think truth really is stranger than fiction, and that laughter really is good medicine. Why not write down those tears-of-joy moments to enjoy later? So in honor of Anna's new 'notable quote' in the sidebar (which she uttered last night after dinner) we dug out the family Quote Book and read through some of the funniest things written down in our own little history. I can't begin to share the whole of it with you, so I will leave you with the 2 that the boys found most funny. Here's James and Joel's top picks:

Joel (2 yrs old) comments on his older brother over breakfast:

"James have yogit his chinny-chin-chin!"

(after an entire MONTH of fascination with the 3 little you-know-who's)

Okay, maybe it was funnier after 9pm, but how 'bout this one:

James (almost 3 yrs) and Mom discuss bathtime (planning, ever planning!):

J: "I want to go first." (before Joel)

Mom: "But you chose the SECOND bath when I asked!"

J: "Well, I want the second bath FIRST!"

Gotta love toddler logic. It seems the best lines come between 2-3 years of age. I almost want to freeze time so my kids will stay young... but then again I enjoy who they are becoming as well watching them clean something up on their own!

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These are great!