Friday, October 23, 2009

The First Real Haircut

Well, since moving to Congo Anna has really needed a haircut.

I was originally planning to be a 'purist' about long hair, and didn't want to cut her hair -ever. But God gave us a little girl with enough hair for 2 people. Kent and I were always told we had thick hair, and now Anna seems to have doubly-thick hair! Even when I put it up she gets so hot and sweaty with all that hair. I finally caved in and cut more than her bangs.

So here's her First Real Haircut: I took off about 3-4". Her baby hair had ringlets (another reason to avoid chopping them off), so I didn't notice until I cut it that her hair was almost down to her waist! Ack! (She's only 2 and a half...)

Of course, she got to watch Wallace & Gromit while I was snipping away...

...and the new do! Doesn't she look older?

I'm still missing those baby ringlets,
but there will be other fun things about this new toddler Anna to enjoy.

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Michelle said...

She looks so much older! Cute kid. :)