Monday, January 26, 2009

Anna's Birthday

In all the shuffle of moving, I have neglected posting about Anna's birthday - which does not mean that we neglected to celebrate it! =) We moved out of our house on her actual birthday, but her Grandma Iris and Aunt Evelyn came by in the morning and we opened a few gifts before dismantling the house. She got a doll stroller (folds up nicely into her suitcase and has been in almost constant use!), a pony and a new dress. We got to go to 'Tate house' (aka Kate B*'s house) for dinner and cupcakes (yeah for beet juice/chocolate chip - go Jessica!), and have a birthday/going away party at Grandma and Grandpa's in Seattle before leaving the country.

I still haven't unpacked the camera, but have some pictures to share of her Seattle party thanks to 'auntie' Carrie and facebook:
Funny story about the cake is... we were trying to make things simple for ourselves moving out & driving 7 hrs on Sat. hosting a huge party after church on Sunday, so Grandma tried to order a doll cake at Albertson's or some such bakery. They apparently had not received any of their usual shipments of frosting due to the flooding of Interstate 5 and truck routes being cut. They simply could not fill an order that week. [Like they couldn't make frosting with butter and sugar!!??!] My Dad saw a Disney princess doll that came with a horse during the Cmas rush, and my Mom had cake pans made for stacking tiers, so we just made due. It turned out much less expensive and certainly good-looking enough for a 2-yr-old! She was in it for the candles and chocolate anyway! =) It did take time that I really didn't have, but creative arts really are relaxing and fun to me, so God knew what He was doing not delivering that icing on time!

You may be wondering how Anna is adjusting here in Africa... She left at about 3 mos. old and returns 21 mos. later to the place of her birth. It took her at least a week to get used to the fact that she doesn't need to wear her coat outside (it has been in the high 80's and low 90's everyday but one). But it didn't take her any time at all to figure out how to greet people with her right hand or sing a Swahili praise song! =)
written form: Hakuna Mungu kama wewe
how she sings: "hakuna Gugu aa wewe"
English translation: [ God like you]

At first I was concerned that she mispronounce God's name, but now that I think of it she doesn't really have her 'G's' down and says "Dod" in English - so what can I expect? She continues to meld her worlds. She thinks the baby on the wipes here looks just like John Spencer. She asks when we can play at Tate's house with her doggie. When she prays each night, she thanks God for 'Dampa's house'. She continues to remind me that at Andrew M.'s house she slept in a big bed (and has been napping in Joel's bed to prove she can do it!). She's recently tried to challenge her brother at Wii tennis! Sometimes I have to remind myself, 'She's only just turned TWO!'

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Michelle said...

Two going on twenty years old! GREAT job on the cake Mom! I love the translations of how Anna is singing. I can hear it now... :)