Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prayer Quilts and Birthdays

Today little Anna is 2 years old! Today we are moving out of our house to fly to Africa in a few days! I sit among the piles of mess, as the furniture gradually disperses (yay craigslist!), and realized that we will not be in communication for a couple days. We have been flooded with hugs and prayers this past few weeks. If only I could bottle it up and take small doses every week for months!

We were extremely blessed by a wonderful group of ladies who have a prayer quilt ministry (hi ladies!!). They made each of us throw quilts that were so gorgeous! No flimsy airline fleece for us! These wonderful blankets are going in our carryons! As you can see, and much to my dismay, Anna mastered the art of posing for pictures with a cheesy face before her 2nd birthday.

We are feeling more and more excited to leave. The kids have their awesome monogramed carryons (thanks to Janice!), new toys and quilts to fill them, new lightweight coats that fit, etc. God has provided above and beyond our needs once again. There are too many stories to tell of how good He has been to us! Now if we could only get to the airport...
(for those who don't know I-5 has been indefinitely closed due to flooding)
Thanks so much for your prayers, hugs and helping hands! We'll miss you all lots!

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Michelle said...

Yeah for quilts and birthdays! Love you guys! Michelle