Friday, December 19, 2008

Travel Girl

One of the things on our 'to-do' list before this Christmas isn't the typical shopping or baking, but preparing to return to Africa in January.
Our kids love to have their own carry-ons and put them in the security 'machine' just like all the big people in the airport. They are already talking about how much fun the escalators and moving sidewalks will be! I really wanted to find them rolling backpacks, and finally found ones I liked AND could afford. James insisted on red/gray for he and Joel, and there was one pink/gray one left for Anna.

They tried them on and Anna hasn't grown into hers yet. =) She insisted on wearing it instead of rolling it, and almost fell backwards! =) This would be the cutest picture if I had any aim!


The Six of Us said...

So how long is the trip going to be?

And do you have tickets yet?

We think of you guys often and pray as many times as I think of you.

kimom said...

About 4 years and yes (we fly 1/13!)

Thanks SO much for your support!
Have a wonderful Christmas!