Saturday, August 8, 2009

Safari Roadtrip: Wildlife sighted

3 warthogs
5-6 giraffe family (in the sunset!)
long green snake (dead in road)
5 reedbucks
countless olive baboons
2 groups red/white monkeys
1 unidentified rodent (why did the rodent cross the road?)
1 wild elephant
2 rhinos
40+ gazelle
100+ zebra
3 bush bucks
turtle crossing the road (why did the turtle cross the road?)
100+ flamingos
quail-ish birds
50+ camels
2 cape buffalo
50 hippos splashing in the Nile

...and of course, countless domestic animals: cattle, pigs, goats, and chickens (why did the chicken cross the road?) I think I found the origin of all those jokes: every time we came near a chicken scratching on the side of the road it would spot us approaching and dart across the road! WHY!? Makes no sense to me. We came close to hitting chickens many times. We also wrote several answers for 'why the chicken did cross the road'.

(and saw all that without 'entering' any official game parks!!)

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Michelle said...

What a list! Very cool. And I love the pic of the kids' feet in the sand with your title to the blog page.