Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Reader

Yesterday I found James (Gr. 1, age 6) reading to himself 'The Book
of Virtues' (short classic stories intended to read aloud to
children... the book is 2" thick!) He devours books. He hasn't quite
resorted to reading the dictionary (go Aidan!), but he likes his
Children's Encyclopedia... hm What to do with him?


Michelle said...

Go James! :)

Janine the Bean said...

We're in this together.

Aidan is excited to write to James and Joel.

Dominic said he wants to send them apples since you might not have any.

kimom said...

Aidan, we can't wait to read you!
Dominic, I could kiss you! We can only get a few tart apples from the country next door once in a while, so we're in withdrawl. You can draw us an apple tree and maybe we can plant it! =)