Monday, September 14, 2009

Brooke et al.

Last week we sent off (in Anna’s words) Brooke, baby Chad, Brooke’s Mommy and Brooke’s Daddy for their furlough in the US. She will really miss her little friend.

Anna really has no concept of saying goodbye for months on end, and continues to ask when we can play with Brooke. Time is a hard thing to wrap your mind around at age 2. We will miss them tons, but wish them the best of furloughs. We are a teensy bit jealous of them eating ice cream and berries, going out to good restaurants, driving on pavement and watching the new season of The Office, but we’ll get over it.

We’ve read how important goodbye parties are for MKs,
so we took some special time to celebrate together (popcorn and a movie!)
and Suzanne and I...

...had Mommy’s Day Out to paint our toenails and eat chocolate!

Brooke et al: I’ll think of you guys when I look at my fancy toes, put something away on your shelves, put away the drawer of board books, cook something in your beautiful pots, drill something into the walls, watch the Office, eat chocolate, see Moshi chasing airplanes around and around the house, and especially when Anna asks to play with Brooke. Have a wonderful furlough! Can you feel the love? =)

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