Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sweet Side of James

Right around Christmas starts the hot, dry season of the year here. I'm almost tempted to make a big potato salad every Christmas, but it just seems wrong. I don't know if it was due to the sudden change in seasons, the sibling slumber party, or just the fact that he's growing like a weed, but James came down with a sniffly cold a few days ago. It never brought on fever, so we pushed fluids took an extra nap or two and kept on keepin' on.

Well, surprise surprise! Today I woke up with the sniffles. Sarcastically early this morning I said, 'Hey, thanks for sharing James!' Weak smile and courtesy laugh. I hopped in the shower hoping the steam would help me breathe and returned a while later to a little note on my doorknob in the shape of a flower:

Hi Mom,
I hoop you feel
beedr, soon.
(heart) James

It should be noted that this kid HATES handwriting, so this is quite possibly the longest sentence this first grader has ever composed on his own initiative. He suggested I hang it by my bed so I can see it every time I feel sick. How sweet is that? The sweet side of James is very sweet indeed! Sweet James, I'll take your colds any day!


Job 77 said...

Aww, that is SO sweet!

And I hope you feel better soon, too!

Michelle said...

Precious! Gotta love him. :)