Monday, April 5, 2010

A Glimpse of Easter

FYI, we had a wonderful Easter staycation, had good friends over, gorged ourselves on homemade French fries and cinnamon rolls, watched much of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, sang 'A Toi la Gloire' at church and came home for 'Up From the Grave' and 'Nothing but the Blood' (two of the kids' favorites!)

Kent is taking phenomenal pictures of his trip into the rainforest this week, but before he left I grabbed a couple Easter shots. This way you have proof that they enjoyed themselves hunting for eggs and candy in our backyard, (don't worry - Anna had a 5 minute head start) ...

... and see my first attempt at a little girl dress for Anna. We had matching outfits! I know it's cheesy, but she loves it (and probably won't in a few years...).

Eggs in the corn patch? Why not?
She picked out her shoes herself... red birkenstocks.
What can I say? She's smart!
For those who are wondering, even with a bag of 'loot' she really didn't get the 'hunt' idea. at all.


from Congo to wherever you are.

P.S. The red shorts were James' idea - not mine. He wore some lovely slacks to church...


Janine the Bean said...

A Blessed Easter to you (a couple days late).

The dress looks amazing! I like the fabric.

The Six of Us said...

That is beautiful Kim! Nice work!

Brittany Martin said...

Happy Easter! Anna's dress is adorable--especially the hunting for eggs in the corn patch!