Sunday, May 30, 2010


Today is our first day of 'summer' (though living in a place where it feels like summer all year long tends to change our notions of what summer means). It won't mean luscious berries. It won't mean vacation to the ocean or swimming at the lake. It won't mean VBS or horse camp.

Today I will take to regroup and reflect on how our year went. This schoolyear. Joel will never again need to learn his alphabet. He will never again be a little guy in kindergarten. James took to reading and subtraction like wildfire. Anna mimicked everything: drawing, writing, phonics, counting, even jumping rope.

I don't know about you, but each day I have 'off' my mind fills with about ten days' expectations. I am constantly thinking of other projects or fun things to do. I have to stop this madness with lists. I love lists. Lists are my friend! I am really not okay if I lose the list. Okay I digress...

Back to reflection.
Memorial Day for you all on the other side of the world is not forgotten here.
It is not a holiday for us, but we remember nonetheless.

we remember

3 grandfathers, 2 fathers, uncle and aunt, friends

who were and are US servicemen

they gave of themselves for the benefit of many

they cause me to ponder

how we spend the liberty we're given?

Tear up with me at these if you dare...
Remember today.


GlowinGirl said...

It is good to remember, but those photos . . . . so emotional!

Linda said...

Kim, thanks for that link. Those photos were powerful.