Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Big Eight

Sorry not to post much more about the fun party and celebration we had today for James. I can't believe he's 8! Sounds so old to me. In just 10 hours we are attempting to traverse this portion of the globe which will involve not one, not two, but three different taxi rides, a boat trip across Lake Albert and a bus trip across the Ugandan midwest. Should be an adventure any way we slice it! So, to catch up on James' big day, see my facebook photos over there. And to catch up on our trip, I will post updates just as soon as I can!

I'll wave to the hippos for you!


Brittany Martin said...

That sounds like an 8-year-old birthday party that most boys would just die for!

Darcee said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet son! Thank you for your nice note on my BLOG - I have just become your newest follower! ♥ How amazing that you live in Africa now! WOW! Even cooler that you lived in Nairobi! We definitely left our ♥ heart there on both of our 'home made' mission trips! Would LOVE to go back some day...

We will be making a couple trips to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia soooon! :) YAY! It is exciting to see where GOD leads us and what he has in store for us! :)

Have a SUPER day celebrating your SON! :)

♥ Darcee