Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photologue: Lake Albert

our first glimpse of Lake Albert

The road down the escarpment was steep...

...and the flatlands near the lake were pretty muddy!

Waiting for our paperwork to get processed, many people gathered around to see the 'white kids'. One mother even passed her baby in the window to sit a few minutes on Joel's lap. Our guide told us if the kids shook our hand, they would refuse to wash it all day long...

In the boat. Seeing fishermen pull in their nets.

He's not hiding from the camera, just bailing some water...

The man.

...gotta love all the faces!
(Thank you Rachel for the sunglasses!)

We love our little water proof camera, but it got a little fogged up over the lake.
You can probably still see this guy having lunch right by the road!

Winding up through the Ruwenzori mountains!

This was taken minutes before my first time ... how to say this... Let's just say the cow in that back right corner didn't make it to the pit stop and we needed our windshield wipers for much more than rain.

It was long, but worth it with this waiting on the other end:

swimming with friends on the shore of Lake Victoria...

playing, eating, sleeping and playing and eating and sleeping.
(Thank you Menda for everything!)
A great time was had by all!

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Dayle said...

I miss all 5 of you. Such brave travelers with such positive attitudes. May God bless you far surpassing your greatest imaginations. With love, Missa Lobba