Wednesday, July 30, 2008

His birthday party (belated edition)

I promised you the story, and even though it's been nearly 3 weeks now, I will fill you in on how Joel's 4th birthday went. He must have liked it because he continues to ask several times per day, "How many more days 'til my next birthday?"

We wanted to drive over to Eugene, so he could have a party with his friends and we chose Skinner Butte Park because it has some water games, grassy shade and the kids love it! I also love that it has something of a map of the area designed into the play structure itself. Cupcakes and swimming stuff in tow, Kent wanted to stop by REI first to see if we could buy a soccer ball ice cream maker. Kim & Dusty, friends in Africa, have used this in their rural location (welcome back guys!), and it looked practical for us to take along when we go, so we bought it!

James and Joel's feet spent most of the time in the river/dam/sandpit area:

Until the Parks&Rec. Dept. showed up with crafts and water toys for everyone. What timing! We hardly needed our water balloons! They set up a cool rocket launched off a hose, so the kids could take turns launching and getting squirted (not to mention beads, face-painting, etc.):

Here Anna plays with her friend Molly: (Kate must've been building her necklace still)

Then Kent mixed up ice cream for all (though we forgot the spoons and it was a bit messy!) We expected that it could be kicked more easily. It has some hard plastic ridges on the outside that would hurt your feet. The kids had a great time rolling it down the hills though and that much activity is all that was needed to make (cream and sugar on one side and ice and salt on the other into) ice cream. YUM!

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