Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Joel Erick

Four years ago today, in the twilight hours of the morning, God gave us Joel. Born in France, he spent the next two birthdays in Kenya, and these last two in the USA. We had a fun picnic party this morning at a park complete with cupcakes, friends and water balloons, but I'll post that next. First, I want to copy the sister-in-law of a friend and praise God for the four years we've had Joel. (I will preface this by saying with all the moves, some of our pictures have been lost or stolen, so birthdays 1 and 2 below were taken within a month of his actual birthday - we really did celebrate, I just don't have pictures of it here). Happy Birthday sweet Joel!

Believe it or not, this car was the only thing he wanted for his birthday. Thanks to Gma and Gpa he had two! At the end of the day, opening up that car was his favorite memory. For all those grandmas out there, don't worry, I let him have lots of treats and goodies today, but I drew the line at gummi worms for breakfast!


M said...

Happy Birthday Joel!!!! I hope you had a fun day! And now you're four! Yeah! :)

job77 said...

That first picture is so precious! Even though he's so little, you can still tell that it's Joel.