Thursday, November 20, 2008

His & Hers Birthdays

As you probably know, birthdays are more of a 'season' than a particular day in our house. We don't have lots of fanfare, but thought I should at least give credit to my Mom for the scrumptious peppermint ice-cream pie (pictured above). I think it's technical name is "Fudge Ribbon Pie" and originally included meringue, but Mom has perfected it over the years and blessed us with a taste on our last-minute trip north. YUM! Thank you! You may see all three children standing around me like vultures over fresh meat... =)

I so seldom take pictures of Kent, but here is his shining face holding up some of his birthday presents (which included, of course, a Beavers hat). The kids all needed to take turns wearing it, and for some reason also wanted to be in a picture holding up some of Dad's presents...

Welcome to our family. This is SO typical (no, there are no ethereal beings in our house: James and Anna smile cheesy smiles and Joel jumps and jives in one place. My camera wasn't set right and it made Joel into a blur, but it's so fitting for a little guy who's always loved to be on the move! Voila, the birthday summary!

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to all!