Sunday, November 16, 2008

A singular holiday

Here is James as 'Superman' (homemade edition), Anna as a ballerina (saying 'soff dess!' 'pitty dess!' - soft, pretty dress), and Joel as 'Super Police Joel'. The kids have never had any exposure to costumes for Halloween as it is not a holiday overseas. Last year they were more or less oblivious, but this year they liked the idea of dressing up. We took them to a local mall to gather a bit of candy and visited a few friend's houses. We are usually busy celebrating Mom's birthday or Reformation Day, but this year we squeezed in a taste of trick-or-treating, as they will not have the opportunity for the next few years.

We have a family tradition of carefully savoring piles of candy for months on end, and one family member who shall remain nameless is often seen digging out candy 5 months later... So I feel somewhat accomplished ot say we finished off our little sandwich bags of candy this year already! =) No Halloween candy in February for us!

In case you like candy as much as I do, M&M's and Sweetarts seemed to be the valued favorites due to the fact that there are many brightly colored candies in a one-serving package! Melts in your mouth...

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