Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is the view as you walk in the front gate. The rock work in the foundation is traditional for this area. I've seen it painted blue, black, red, green, etc. with white. The tree trunk you see is an avocado tree, and not far from it along the front lawn to the right are 2 mango trees. The 'driveway' for now is the dirt area to the left alongside the house. The front left window is Kent's office (very small) and front side window is the school room/family room. The second side window is Anna's room - with a pink curtain!

This is the view of our 'farm' from the back porch. The back wall is in the process of being rebuilt (higher!). This was used as a personal field for growing maize, beans, manioc, sugarcane, okra, squash, onions, passion fruit, papaya, and the trees are guava, mango and avocado. It looks much more overgrown now (most corn stalks now taller than me), three weeks later and we really must get weeding like mad to keep up with the tropical overgrowth! =)

There's the kids with the new-to-us car! I'm still not entirely confident driving such a behemoth on 4 x 4 roads, but we're getting there. As a side note, this is probably the only country in the world which imports its cars from a British-system with the driver on the right (Uganda), and at the same time maintains the French-system roads - driving on the right. So when we drive we are actually on the outside of the lane. Probably terribly unsafe and all, but the main things we have to dodge are pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles, oh! and of course, potholes! =) ...which never stay in the same place after a good rain...


Brittany Martin said...

Your house looks great and my mouth was watering with you describing all the tasty things growing in your yard and garden!

Michelle said...

I love this look into your life! Keep up the great work! :)