Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ten years ago today...

Our marriage by grace:

10 years

3 babies

5 musical instruments

3 jobs

4 countries lived in

5 other countries visited

1 new language mastered

3 other languages attempted

2 books (1 written, 1 translated)

3 new alphabets

15 moves

hundreds of pinochle games

many dances, laughs, fights, jokes, stories and songs

fresh bread




countless memories made

much more love than we started with

Here’s to the first decade!


Brittany Martin said...

Congratulations! I do believe that your marriage also initiated the "marriage room" at the Kern's house.
I'm sure you're excited for your husband to return to celebrate!
We've been praying for you on Wednesday (Wednesday World Day). My 3-year-old, Ryle, prayed last week that on your long drive to the coast God would keep you save from lions and tigers in the jungle.

kimom said...

Oh contraire! They warned Kent when he moved in because he was the 2nd or 3rd already! =) Thank you for praying! And thank Ryle. You can tell him it will mostly be savannah, but there are lions. Tigers are about one continent away... so we're safe there. =)