Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dady

After traversing the globe and East Africa this year, Kent was looking forward to celebrating with a quiet day at home. Early in the morning he got to chat on the computer with his sister for the first time.

Yeah for technology! For mid-morning snack Anna delivered his first treat: Sugar free Extra dark Chocolate with a kiss) as he worked on his computer. While he worked, I was in the kitchen frantically working on a raspberry swirl cheesecake (see next post for the whole cooking story...). For now I'll just say, the cake worked - yay!

I include the second picture only because it shows how much help he had in blowing (check out Anna's cheeks!) out candles. Kent chose garlic cheese white sauce over penne and broccoli for his birthday dinner and we had sides of rosemary rolls (from pioneerwoman.com again) and ginger stir-fried green beans too. He treated himself to a Tangawizi (Ginger beer) that's really strong.

Proof that he got presents.

I brought all sorts of Cmas wrapping paper neatly folded in the suitcase, but somehow forgot the birthday paper. Hm. Who knew that making your own wrapping paper could be fun? James drew stars and bats for 'Dady' (and a token Cmas tree because that was the example of wrapping paper I had to show him), and the kids learned how to curl paper ribbons. Yes, you can curl paper (gently).

Bob the Builder seems to have hi-jacked Kent’s office and it is filled with tools and parts of things to help renovate this house. Needless to say, it is not very conducive to thinking, so our handmade presents focused on sprucing up his office. He got new curtains, matching desk dust cloth (made from one of those sheets we picked up from the 'Games I post), more dark chocolate (Swiss - 80% - with Tanzania on the label? Go figure), chocolate gingersnaps (that worked!)...

...and a decorated crafty can from the kids for pencils. (Anna DID eventually let go of the bag of cookies.) The kids did a nice job gluing fun pictures onto their cans, and Anna did a stellar job of cutting up a million tiny pieces to help. Cleaning up was another story...

Overall he deemed it a fun and tasty birthday!

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