Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daisy's Dilemma


Meet Daisy.

Don't take that personally.
She's really quite sweet once you get to know her.
She always tries to make the tourists feel they are important
by continually licking and kissing them.

Here's Daisy hard at work:

All her hard work has paid off and brought her a certain amount of fame over the years, and she has seen quite a number of years so far! She's even thinking about writing a book about her life. Despite her advanced experience with life, she just had a baby last year and is enjoying being a new Mommy. Here she poses at a professional photo shoot looking very distinguished (obviously not her best side! But she refrains from comment on today's celebrity photographers...):

She wanted to get the news of this new baby to her distant cousin living in Congo. The distance from Kenya to Congo may not look very daunting on most world maps, but to a new mother giraffe, there is just no way to walk 2,000 mi. Everybody has their limits. It's good to recognize them. So Daisy, who would usually send news by way of migrating birds, is stuck, because all the reliable families of birds have already migrated for this year.

Her cousin has always been very supportive and has gone through her own struggle to have children, so Daisy insists on getting her the news as it will be a great joy and encouragement.

In her hour of desperation, Daisy is forced to rely on the absolutely worst form of communication: humans. It has been said that humans are responsible for not only missing or forgetting their communications, but (gasp!) even making up their own dramaticly incorrect versions of the truth! But alas, she is out of options.

Our family will be going here for 4 days:

... in the hopes of relaying correctly Daisy's all-important message.
Can you guess who her cousin is?

Until next week,

Kent & Kim, James, Joel & Anna


Linda said...

I can hardly wait to find out the answer! Love to all of you!

Linda said...

Let me know how you like your cluster map..... I'm thinking of getting one. LT

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