Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, I haven't forgotten you all, I assure you. There seems to be a limit to how much 'creative juice' I get each day and lately I've been sketching the wall-paper I want to stencil on our living room wall, among other things of course! Pictures will come I promise.

So why is it that I only have one poem, one story or one drawing that can come out of any given day or two? Then I feel spent.

Just a reminder of earthly limitations I suppose.

So Monday was a drawing,
Tuesday was a poem,
Wednesday was day sick in bed (just a cold)
Thursday another drawing,
Friday, a cooking creation
and here we are at Saturday once again for a story.
In this case a boring one about how I have nothing interesting to say! =)

Despite all this talk of artfulness, my primary focus has been on getting the kid's schooling into a good routine again. We got really sloppy after the holiday break and started school whenever we got around to it. So we are getting our ducks in a row and sitting them down at 9am sharp! This after they have finished their checklist of 10 'jobs' each morning. So far it has been lots more time and energy for me, but lots more happiness and productivity for everyone.

We past milestones this month of one year in Africa (my how time flies when you're having fun!) and school mid-year exams. James is still reading us out of house and home. Currently reading a Biography of Jackie Robinson, Happy Hollisters Mystery book #2, and working on the Chronicles of Narnia. This Wednesday we learned column addition where you have to add 4-5 numbers in the hundreds together. I did much of the first page with him, and sent him to his desk to do the last word problem on his own. He came back a few minutes later with no work, just an answer. I checked it and it was right. He had added 390+240+152 in his head! (782) Be proud Grandma! So this is 'modified' First Grade...

Joel is doing well in Kindergarten. He's learning to jump rope, read, color in the lines and is recently very interested in being a librarian or veterinarian. We finally found his lefty kid scissors and his cutting skills are doing much better! Anna is still the singing, artsy one who is currently spending her time on ponies and princesses. Apparently Belle and Cinderella are the better ones...

We measured them and they have all 3 grown at least an inch since the start of school in Sept. James and Joel have each gained a couple pounds this year, Anna not so much. I think it is normal that they would be thinner here (I know I am!) with tropical heat and not so many snack foods or fillers in foods. But don't worry, I'll keep track to be sure they get enough.

Off to a hopefully restful Saturday, after I cut a friend's hair and fill up a few buckets (our house is low on water this week). Rest does seem to 'fill my buckets' so I can be creative again. Hope you get some good bucket-filling rest too!


Linda said...

Kim! You're going to create your own wallpaper! You are amazing! I can hardly wait to see it. Blogging with you in DRC is so much fun. James' math skills -- staggering. We have snow and cold weather here -- 19 degrees with windchill factor of 7. How about you? Love you!

Mrs. bradley said...

I know what you mean about having trouble getting back after the holiday!! Us to, so glad for grace new every morning & so every week! Tomorrow is monday & alarms will be set & goals reached I pray!

kimom said...

You are too sweet! We are just starting hot season here, so into the 90s in the afternoon with a hot dry wind. Not too bad, but an air-conditioned theatre sounds really nice sometimes! =) Hugs!

Katherine said...

thanks for your blog msg!