Friday, January 1, 2010


You can probably guess that candycanes haven't really taken off in Europe.
And if they haven't taken off in Europe, they don't really make it to South Africa.
And if they don't make it in South Africa, we can't usually find it in East Africa.

So we were pretty excited when someone gave us their old candycanes (carefully kept frozen all year they crack, but taste good). This particular awesome friend also mailed us mini-marshmallows!! It's funny how I would never intentionally seek out these sugar-laden American traditions while living in the midst of them. They just sort of happen whether I buy them or not. But over here a candy cane and marshmallow turn my wimpy homemade cocoa into a faint memory of 'Mint Mochaccino' under Seattle skies. Candy canes were a whole new experience for Anna!

...obviously requires intense concentration!

...finger-lickin' good! Wait...

James: Hey look at me! Do I look like a wookie?

Thank you friend for giving us a taste of home! Yummy!


Job 77 said...

I never stopped to think about candy canes being strickly American. They're so ubiquitous this time of year here. We've been reading Little House in the Big Woods, and Kate asked if she could have a peppermint stick in her stocking like Laura had in hers.

And is that the snack trap? Did it make it to Africa?

Linda said...

Hey, Kim, beautiful blog posts! I SO enjoyed looking at all the pictures from the past few days, and reading your stories. Nice work. Did you know we have a Border Collie that looks almost identical to Moshi who also loves to play Frizbee? :)

It was 7 degrees here this morning when I got up. Not much higher than that right now, and more snow on the way. Something tells me that your weather is likely a bit warmer than ours!


kimom said...

Thanks sweet Linda!

Yes, Jess, that is the snack trap in all it's versatility. It was a very useful thing for that certain snacky age on planes and in airports! I ran out of mugs, so I improvised. Love it!