Friday, January 1, 2010

Remembering 2009

What was 2009 for us?

The year God moved this ragamuffin family of 5 from the West Coast to the Eastern border, halfway around the world...

...without exaggerating.

Another year of learning as slow as molasses that there is nothing anywhere worth trusting other than Him.

A year to begin a new kind of life for us
- new culture, new languages, new foods, new customs, new clothes...

A year to see promises kept, prayers answered and faith strengthened.

A year to break ground.

A year to help give 3 language communities the gift of written communication.

A year to take a huge safari roadtrip and drove across more than 2 African countries.

A year to spot hippos for the first time.

The year we started homeschool 'for real'.

The year James started reading chapter books.

The year we found the key to our kinesthetic Joelie.

The year Anna became a 'big girl'.

The year we learned to speak Congo Swahili (not to imply we're close to done!).

The year to try solar power, plumbing, carpentry, and sewing.

The year we unpacked indefinitely for the first time in 8 years.

A year of transition.

A year of provision.

A year saturated with foreignness.

A year seasoned with laughter.

A year soaked with gratitude.

Another year privileged to walk this terrestial ball by faith.

Not easy.


He has withheld no good thing.

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Dinah Claire said...

This made me cry. I love you. Happy New Year!