Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School: The Students

Our homeschool tradition is that the first hour of our first day of the year is spent taking the obligatory school pictures. Hair gel, chairs, collared shirts and all. You all would laugh with us if you saw that the fancy clothes lasted all of 20 minutes and all three were barefoot during the whole photo shoot! The backdrop is Kent's Costco fleece napping blanket over the front porch grill. Given all that, I'm happy with this year's school pictures. I took seven or eight of each kid and got at least one serious and one guffaw from each of them.

(His Uncle John face...)

Tears of resistance, despite the blue blalarina dress
(yes, the same one she's been wearing since she was 2!)
But brothers with funny faces saved the day:

Then we all had to make funny faces, and the results are some of the best photos ever!
You can enjoy them now in the margin at right. =)


Janine the Bean said...

What fun! I'm excited to start school again.

I keep up with your blog and just wanted you to know. I need to be better about commenting.

Love you sister. And may your school year be full of blessings!

Krista said...

just read your comment at in(courage). Just need to respond: the surest way I have found to have to do X and Y is to tell God that they are past my limits. Because he then has to show me that I can actually survive those things after all.

For me it was living with my in-laws. I could do it for 2 months in my own strength, but knew I could never do it for a year. You know how long I had to live with them? One year and 2 days.

But it's so awesome that God doesn't push our limits just to spite us. Rather, it brings us past the end of our limits to the point where he is showing his power.

I just wish my limits weren't so high. I think next time I'll say, "I can get as far as A." Maybe then he'll only make me go to B, and not all the way to X and Y!

Nice to meet you in blogland.

Gretchen said...

LOVE these pictures! The kids look adorable, and I can't believe how old Anna looks. They change so much at that age. We still have some time before school starts here, but I am ready for the routine. I hope this finds you all doing well, and the school routine a welcome one! Take care. Gretchen

Mrs. bradley said...

luv your pics! great funny faces~
I think I'm stealing this idea of starting the first day off as picture day~ thanks for the idea~