Saturday, August 21, 2010

On titles

Just for the record...
I think I have failed to explain that we did not choose the title 'tenfootfamily' because we love feet. I once found this adorable family blog around the theme that they all loved coffee. Cute coffee cups artistically scattered around their lives contributed to the theme in the sidebar. Drink yumminess. Fill our cup. All sorts of language to illustrate their theme.

When we decided to blog (all of TWO years ago!), we decided right away that we weren't the open-sharing-of-full-names kind of people. (I'm not judging those of you who are btw!) Nor were we the kind that like to dub our family members with bizarre initals DH, DS, DD. Makes for troublesome reading if you ask me! Nor did I like giving them some other web identity (though I considered it, it really doesn't lend itself to the theme of FEET very well): then Stinky Feet said... and Twinkle Toes replied... then Soccer Cleats really lost it. I find it pretty hard to follow these blog posts, as I will never remember by the time I've scrolled past the key terms in the sidebar which kids they are talking about.

So, despite my temptation to go overboard about feet, you will not find tons of feet pictures. I know some people are not fans of feet... =) With five of us, there were only so many choices: fivenosedfamily, teneyedfamily, fiveheadedfamily... And we're linguists, so we can't help but love the double entendre of tenfootfamily. There we are. Over on the far side of the sea... but not really by the ocean.

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Mrs. bradley said...

Hey Kim,
I like the new look of your blog, it really looks good. & looks like a pair of those feet will be catching up with you prettty quick! My little guy (Elijah) did this year. Alway surprising!