Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Overheard at our table...

James on homemade ketchup:

"Wow Mom! This ketchup tastes great!

It tastes so tomato-ey...  I bet this is the ORIGINAL recipe!"

Tomatoes in ketchup?

Happy thought indeed! (to borrow an Elizabeth Bennett phrase)

The next day from a guest...

"These peanut butter bars taste real, like they will put meat on your bones... What flour is in them?"

"No flour."

"No flour at all? But how do they get so light and fluffy?"


I find it hard not to smile to myself when people are astonished that food tastes REAL. It is real.

Sad to me that real food, whole food, isn't easy to find... couldn't we all just move to the French countryside?

And I'm so thankful for farmers and gardeners who work hard to grow and make real food.

Peanut butter bars recipe here.
We skip the cocoa and use raisins for 'everyday' cookies.

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memory said...

cute, cute. you just can't beat real food