Sunday, January 1, 2012

Remembering 2011

I didn't take this time of holding the ebenezer, remembering the year as He laid it before us, last year - we were savoring a visit with family in the US... Sad that the last backward glance at a year of living and loving was here in 2010. Two years later, our life here is SO different!

But how to quantify that?

What was 2011?

If I had to choose one word, I would have to say 2011 was a monumental year for Kent, this work and our family.

The year language development work exploded here in Bunia with 10 different language communities.

The year Kent became a Linguistics Consultant and helped teach a graduate-level tone course.

A year of long-sought-after solutions for our son's health.

The year we entered Autismland, and found our way.

Another year of taking homeschool 'on the road', moving, packing, settling and moving again.

The year I learned to quilt!

The year Joel finally lost a tooth (actually 5 teeth are now missing at once!)

The year we dared to go 100% grain-free.

The year Kent started commuting on a motorcycle.

The first year we really grew our own food.

The year we finally understood our sweet James and watched him come out of the fog.

The year we finished renovating our tiny kitchen.

The year our living room doubled as a ballet studio.

Another year to enjoy this beautiful, bug-filled country (only 1 bat, 4 grasshoppers, several crickets/cockroaches and several hundred ants and mosquitoes made their way into our house this year - much fewer than previous years!)

The year we had to learn how to cook and eat all over again.

The first year of my life that I crossed food allergies OFF my list!

The year Joel became a great reader.

The year everyone began learning piano, French and Latin in earnest.

The year Anna started and aced kindergarten math.

The year we grew close to Congolese friends.

The kind of friends who make you want to sit on stools around the cooking fire all evening 'chewing the news' as they say in Maasailand.

A year to taste and see that the Lord is good.


A year of paperclips on our paper timelines.


A year mixed of storms and clear skies.

A year rooted in His steadfast love.

A year to hold fast to faith in Him who works all things for good.

A year that could have broken us,

but strengthened us instead.


Linda said...

Beautiful, Kim, just beautiful. Bless you for following hard after the Lord where He has been leading you. Surely He is good and has more interesting things for you in 2012. Bless you for your faith and optimism.

Praying for you,

Anonymous said...

Wow -- what an amazing year for your family! May 2012 continue to bring many blessings for your family.