Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life v Reality

James was just sitting on the potty, and asked for some
clarification on the book he was reading. Normally I try to leave
him to his own devices in that room these days, but it sounded like
an educational opportunity, so I figured I should deal with it.
He was looking at a book that had an image of our solar system, with
rings symbolizing the planets' orbits, and pictures of the planets
(with Pluto included, no less...). He wanted to know which one was
the one the Death Star destroyed.
I talked to him a bit about how Star Wars is a story, and that it
isn't real -- and what he was looking at (more or less) was. He
looked at me with understanding (or pity?) and repeated the question.
I showed him the Earth, where we live. He asked if that was the
planet. No, we're still here.
I finally explained that Alderaan was in a different solar system.
Then he told me that he liked Saturn and Jupiter the best, and that
was that.

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job77 said...

This is a funny story. I guess in some way, it's true that Alderaan is in another galaxy...a make-believe one.