Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Color Green

Rich Mullins wrote a gorgeous song praising God for creating the color green. I just heard on the radio last week that looking at something green actually lowers your blood pressure and calms your body (according to some clinical study I don't understand fully). People have often told me I have a green thumb, inherited from my paternal grandmother or my maternal great-grandmother. Whatever, ... I just feel content and alive to have plants around growing and flourishing. So I've gone a bit overboard in choosing new colors for the blog, but the white/grey theme was too bland for my tastes, and if this is about our family life with 3 young kids, then nothing EVER stays white!

If something is hard to read, please let me know! I join Rich in praising God for the color green, and for sustaining all the 'green' things in this world that we can breathe freely.

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Carrie said...

I love that song... it reminds me of many many drives across Washington, and no other song makes me want to drive through valleys and over mountain passes more than that one song!

I LOVE the pic of the fam.

I am becoming melancholy about your emminent departure. My prayers are with you...