Saturday, May 3, 2008

Girly Curly Q

Her hair seems to curl according to the humidity in the air. Once we put her down for a nap with straight hair, turned on the humidifier for her stuffy nose, and woke her up to frizz/curls! Here she is munching on a graham cracker in the 'frizz'.

She's also showing signs of girliness previously unrecognized in our household. Shoes are very important to her, and she immediately notices if one is falling off. Also note her bracelet as she walks her pink poodle around the house. =)

My Mom used to say that having me in some ways brought her healing during my first year, and I think I can say the same thing about Anna - God's precious gift of her in my life has brought me a certain measure of healing. After two boys, she sure is a different 'cup of tea'! Once in a while I think she must belong to someone else's family, but don't get me wrong - I'm cherishing every minute of her girly, curly self!

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