Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pigtails and puppydog tails


Actually, Anna doesn't say that, sorry to disappoint you. She does have a sort of word-phrase of her own though: 'they-ah-iz'. She's managed to condense 'there it is' into one long slurred syllable whenever she finds the person or object she was looking for. =)

Taking pictures of one child alone is becoming increasingly difficult at our house, as the others know they are missing out on a potential moment of stardom. So after about 2 pictures of Anna, along comes James with a couple cheesy faces,
and soon enough Joel makes an appearance with the ultimate 'silly face'. =)
Of course, what older brother can resist taking the attention off a younger sibling?

Or was it just being part of someone else's photo shoot? Isn't this essentially the same thing that all those obnoxious people (often boys!) are always doing behind live news reports on TV?! Joel is such a sweet, helpful 'little' guy though.

Today I got out their summer clothes (really our clothes for years to come - in the tropics) and had to pack/give away piles of cute 3-4T little boy clothes and face the fact that my boys aren't so little anymore. They tell elaborate stories of slaying lions to save their classmates, or go on pirate treasure hunts, or ride their bikes over to our neighbor's horse for a ride. There are bigger and better, more exciting things to discover now and it promises to be wonderful and fun - just in different ways. Bring on the snails and puppydog tails! Let the season of toddler end and boyness begin!

(If you look carefully enough, you'll find Kent working away from the couch/office just under an old map of Africa)... And I thought I was just taking pictures of Anna's pigtails!

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