Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's no skin off my nose!

The big events of last week in our family:

James' tooth died.
A couple weeks back he was pushing a cart/trolley of sorts, but when it stopped suddenly at the wall, he did not. His gums bled and were sore a day, and I thought that was the end of it... until I saw his front tooth turn gray. Thankfully, it is a baby tooth that would fall out in a year or so anyway (and thankfully - we had family pictures taken LAST month! =)). The dentist took X-rays on Tues. and said the roots still look alive and well, it just looks dead on the outside. James is not bothered by it in the least. Turns out Joel's 2-yr molar has a piece chipped off one corner!

I've often had people who understand rough-and-tumble boys ask me, "You've had these boys for 4 years without even ONE trip to the emergency room?!" Apparently, we've avoided the difficult breaking of bones that require casts, in lieu of the breaking of bones in their mouths!

Then Anna fell.
She took a chunk of skin off the front of her nose. It should be noted that Mom was not present. She walked off someone's patio steps and did a face plant right before dinner time. Mom walked in to see Anna happily eating with a huge DORA band-aid across her face. It was a bit traumatic, but I'm getting over it. It's healed pretty well now, so I'll spare you the picture. Contrary to all my worst fears, she will not be doomed to a pig-nose for the rest of her life. So I guess it's really no skin off my nose! =)

And we were offered a place to live about an hour from here - yay! Our summer is looking good, and the packing is underway! ..... I hate moving.

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a pilgrim said...

I hear good things about that place where you're headed. ;)