Saturday, May 3, 2008


As many of you know, our kids have had lots of extraordinary discoveries to make living in the Western world this year. From reclining chairs to carseats to socks and shoes, they have learned and tried many new things. Last week their favorite babysitter
(who rocks the world btw), Kaitlyn, made them strawberry jello for a treat.
Suddenly I realized they had never really eaten jello.
It's not like I have anything against jello. I think I've seen one imported package once in Africa for a high price, but the appeal is lost on me. I'd so much rather indulge in good cheese or ice cream, all of which are luxuries, for our budget anyway.So here's how the discovery went: James gave it two thumbs down (not totally surprising)
Here he shows off his sly skeptic face, leaving his leftover jello for a less discerning sibling.

Joel gave it two thumbs up (also not totally surprising).
Here he shows off his bright red tongue and can't wait to finish the bowl off himself.

And Anna cried when it was finished and begged for more! Such a sweet tooth!
I can't think of where she got that from...
And for those who know Sage household tradition... yesterday she finished her dinner, said 'up!', walked across the room and opened the pantry looking for a cracker! =)

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