Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby babble, or is it?

Anna is becoming quite the talker (now nearly 16 mos.). She has quite the little lexicon:

monae! = good morning!
nai-nai = goodnight
eat = I would like something to eat or drink now
bott = bottle
pash = pacifier, the bedtime friend we need to ditch soon
bath/bash = I want a bath now (her favorite thing next to eating)
ish = any of her 3 pairs of shoes, or could you put my shoes on now?
iss = yes, head nodding is in the experimental stage
non = all gone, or no with definite shaking of the head
kak-kak = what a duck says
uff-uff = man's best friend

There's a lot of Mom, Dad, Jess (James), up! or uppa uppa!, and uh-oh! every time something falls down/over, but mostly we hear nonsense rambling. Last year I watched a video of Joel at about this age and I thought he was just babbling away about his toys. In retrospect it was perfectly clear that he was yelling for a cracker! I just hadn't learned his sounds yet. Poor guy. Standing there trying with all his might to communicate a simple question of survival while Mom chatters away about Bob the Builder with a camera in his face!

Hopefully we'll learn to understand Anna a bit better before we plunge her into a trilingual world. She'll likely retreat for a while and then one day emerge with all three perfectly sorted out. So there's a look at what we're hearing around our house (other than her 'pirate' brothers talking about their treasure).

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