Sunday, June 8, 2008

Moving on

FYI, we are moving out this week, so our lives are in boxes and we're not going to post pictures. I promise to catch up when life slows down a minute!

We'll be in Corvallis a few days then off to visit the grandparents in Seattle June 15-23. Hope to see you there! (unless you're one of our friends living overseas - no visits for you just yet...)

I will add quickly that it's been fun having Anna talking these days. She'll come around a corner to surprise you and say "An-na!!" really loudly. We used to call her 'Hurricane Anna' because she left a path of destruction through her brothers' railroad tracks, but I think the 'Anna monster' might be her new personality. She does it with a cute smile of course.

'NO!' is also a big hit and easily applied to every situation. She's learned to say her friend's name: "Kate". Yesterday she was playing with a large bottle of shampoo, laid it down, gave it a little pat and said "Ni-Night". I'm not sure why the soap needed sleep, but she's carrying around her baby doll more and more giving 'hugs' and 'bottoe' or 'dink'. So fun.

More later!

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