Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

"Hula Anna' absolutely loved dressing up in this fun skirt! She would be so busy looking down at it, she forgot where she was going. This afternoon we had a play date with friends we haven't seen in nearly 18 mos. They were living/working in East Africa and we were neighbors there (way back when! =)), and now they've settled in this area. Small world. We had such a wonderful time playing together with all their dress-up clothes!

Gma and Gpa bought James and Joel some pirate 'items' as James calls them, and they gave them as a surprise gift this morning at breakfast. So we've been 'the good kind of pirates' all day long with the occasional 'ahoy!' and 'you'll walk the plank!' thrown in here and there. This fit perfectly with our friends' dress-up clothes (which included two full pirate outfits and a cowboy - close enough). Here the boys impatiently await the signal on the stairs to run and find the hidden treasure! We stumbled upon a new version of the same old game. We hid their plastic coins in the dining room furniture and they had to find it. It's essentially an easter egg hunt over and over again...

Us Mums noted as they left that the boys really hate saying goodbyes. In a mobile life like ours there are lots of goodbyes and some kids cope with that better than others. It's never easy. But today getting together with a foreign-born playmate from our 'other life' in Africa was their first reunion. The boys hit it off immediately and had a wonderful time. It's true that our kids won't have deep roots in one community, but maybe just the intermittent rich relationship?

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