Saturday, April 12, 2008

Traveling tikes

I'm sure every missionary kid (MK) goes through this several times in the course of their formative years, but our kids have really been great travelers this year. Our longest driving day has been about 10 hours only stopping for one meal and a couple potty trips. So far Wendy's and Subway have been our roadtrip mainstays. Not to mention books on tape and Wee Sing Silly Songs! James just finished listening to what he calls 'Gandalf' (aka The Hobbit) on tape because he's the kid who never sleeps on the road - like Mom. Wendy's 'kids toys' these days are Cranium mini-games, which are awesome for kids about 3 years older than James, but he tries anyway, and we clean up the mess anyway.
They usually consider driving an adventure and often rate the overall trip by how many trains or train tracks we saw. They can't quite count all the freight cars yet (some are nearly 100 cars long by my counting), but they always count how many engines are pulling the load. Airplanes, mountains (especially volcanoes), and car carriers have their merits too.
I'm not sure how we managed to snap a picture of Anna asleep, as she almost never sleeps in the car and often complains or resorts to outright screams of protest. She's not-so-much the travel girl, but who can blame her with 5 weeks of ear infections and 4 molars coming in! Joel is very helpful to give her a pacifier or share his snack or find a toy for sister.
As you can see Joel has finally mastered the cheesy camera smile at 3 1/2. He's a happy, go-lucky guy no matter where we are. God has graced us this first furlough with some wonderful trips to see some wonderful people, and three great little travelers!

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