Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin patch: Field of Beanbags

The leaves are declaring the glory of the Lord recently - turning all sorts of gorgeous colors! This can only mean one thing: Autumn in upon us! I must give up the denial when the nights are 45 degrees! Our playgroup recently had a fun visit to the pumpkin patch. I ran out the door after rushing through a homeschool morning a bit frantically and forgot the camera (typical). Thankfully my friends were willing and very able stand in photographers - thank you Gretchen and Davina! Anna can now say 'punkin', but mostly wanted to sit on the big ones.

They each picked their favorite pumpkin.
James' was perfectly round and without blemish
(Mr. Attention to Detail / Fan of Perfectionists).

Joel's was a slightly yellow-orange tilting a bit to the side and kind of long and thin
(Mr. Wacky / Fan of the Underdog).

Anna's was small, round, orange, slightly marred on one side, but it's what her Mom picked out for her (it was also close to the hay-bail wagon-tractor thing) and she's not old enough to be picky or carry her own! =) Walking in rain boots across a bumpy field was excitement enough, I mean let's be realistic here! Apparently, the pumpkin patch looked like a field of beanbags to her - the perfect seat!

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