Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun in Uganda

Last time you tuned in to your favorite family of five they were traversing the equator to reunite with the Northern Hemisphere. Tomorrow we will cross international boundaries once again and settle one time zone closer to home! Though I still haven't posted pictures... there will be a backlog once my computer is online again... we have had a wonderful visit here in Uganda. On the shores of Lake Victoria, getting to know the good places to shop or swim. Tonight we took them to a steak house with a trampoline play area! They have had so much fun playing with our host's animals: 2 Jack Russell terriers and a 10-month-old monkey. Just this morning Anna had the little monkey sitting next to her in the family room, scratching his tummy, petting his back and swinging him around by his long red tail! It really IS like living with Curious George!

Anna and I caught the cold going around, and she has had a really happy disposition even at 2 am awake with a fever and ear infection pain. We both started antibiotics today in hopes that the congestion will subside a bit by the time we board our 12-seater MAF plane tomorrow with all our stuff - batteries and solar panels included. As it turns out our host will also get to be our pilot! That really IS fun times! It's the first time we've had to add in our own body weights to figure out what can go on the plane! Despite sickness and fatigue, we are super excited to finally be going to our future (earthly) home!

I was home sick with Anna this morning, so I missed out on worship at a nearby Ugandan church that is connected with our sending church in Oregon. Kent posted a few pics if you want to check it out. What a privilege to carry greetings and encouragement across the world! Ta ta from this side of the border!


Davina Perret said...

Hey! So I'm so excited that y'all are flying with MAF. I've been getting their news letters and love their ministry. We miss you.

Michelle said...

Good to hear from my "favorite family of five"! I love the thought of Anna chillin' with a monkey. Fun times! Hope you're feeling better from that cold.