Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just wanted to post for you all that we arrive safe and sound after
a fun flight. The boys each got a turn to "fly" on the pilot's lap.
Kent got to check out the handy barf bags. Kim had horrible sinus
pain. Anna slept. But we were all happy to get to our last temporary
home and unpack for a while!

There are gorgeous pink frangipani trees outside (pink for Anna!),
and all 3 kids have new friends they really enjoy. God even arranged
that James' new buddy would be familiar with his struggles. More
than that they have extra supplies from the US we can use!!! I never

My favorite soda in the world is Fanta Passion. I was told in 2004
that Coca-Cola no longer makes it. But it was plentiful in Kampala
last week!!! I had a great time sitting by the kiddie pool and
drinking Fanta Passion! I never dreamed!

So God has blessed us in tiny ways every day in clear reminders that
just as he promised, "My presence will go with you, and I will give
you rest."

Pictures will have to come after I get my own computer online.
Sorry. I'll just assure you that we are getting tans. =)

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Michelle said...

That's GREAT! Yeah God!