Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thank you to all who have been praying. We are on to the next country! Kent had a long, arduous 12-hr bus trip while we flew one hour (leaving the house at 4:30am!!) and reunited in Uganda with all our luggage and no hassles!
Some of the ways God provided for us:

We found out with a couple hours notice that Kent needed to take an earlier bus and spent many frantic hours packing up the last boxes. When it looked like we would not make it in time, 4 wonderful friends from every walk of life showed up. So one was packing, I was typing packing lists, another was cooking our dinner, another was taping up boxes, while another loaded them into the taxi waiting outside. Kent had 15 minutes home before getting in the taxi with which to pack his suitcase, grab dinner and say goodbye. We would never have made it without them! =)

I arrived at the airport, not having weighed our suitcases. Here the number of bags doesn't matter, they give you a total weight limit. We have a special agreement of 30 kilos per person, but still had 40 extra kilos. After a lot of discussion he decided not to charge me anything!

Kent arrived at the bus depot with our pile of boxes and 3 pieces of furniture and they did not worry about weight. We expected to pay well over $400 in cargo shipping fees, but they lumped it together and asked for just under $100! This was a gift. And we see it as God's care for us along the way.

We've been hosted here by a wonderful family who totally understands James' issues more than maybe we do, which is a miracle in itself! But they also have a kid-friendly house that has been really fun for the kids. It's hot and humid, but we will venture out to the pool today. Once I figure out how to get my own computer online, I will get you some pictures! For the next week we are exploring, stocking up and preparing to fly to our final destination sometime 22nd-24th. Thanks for praying! He is faithful!

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Michelle said...

Yeah for blessings! That is great to have understanding about James. If you want to write more in an e-mail when you have time, I'd love to hear more!